David Oakford's NDE was in 1979. Since then David has worked in a few factories, served in the USN, and attended business school and earned 4 year degree in accounting. He was a stay at home father for his growing family for 8 years as well. He's worked as a Software Analyst and was laid off in the Great Recession. Currently, David works part time as a Janitor at his city's spooky movie theater.

David lives with his family in Metro Detroit area.

His latest book titled "Soul Bared: A Metaphysical Journey" was published in 2018. David's whole NDE is featured at soulbared.com.




This site is about David Oakford's NDE which occurred in 1979. Topics are a description of his death from a drug overdose. He learned about the structure of the physical body as it relates to energy vibration. There is a description of how death felt. He learned about souls, time, thoughts and scenes of the past events in his life. There is a life review and insights concerning reincarnation and David's personal future. David gained an understanding of the nature of the universe. He felt extreme, indescribable feelings of love, joy and peace. David experienced insights concerning energy dynamics, the light, the senses, and an awareness of the future. Other insights include the world of spirit, the spirit city, guardian angels, Jesus, the structure of the universe with a border. There is a description of a return to the physical life and what happened afterward.




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