Chapter 6: Meeting One Great Master


All were beautiful in their own right. I saw the auras around each one of them as well. Each one sang a song that sounded differently than the other. When we neared each planet we slowed and I could hear their energies just like when we were near Gaia. We traveled closely past all of the planets in our solar system on our way to a star that I chose randomly.


Bob said that most spirits of physical human form have yet to attain the higher level of vibration that is required to be able to see the dimensions comprising the higher levels of the energies of the universe. I wondered how there could be cities there and why humans not seem to know of them. Bob explained that many facets of life in the universe cannot readily be seen by humans because those facets were all of higher vibration. I saw great cities on each and every one of those planets. I saw spirit on every one of those planets too. Bob told me that each planet is a place for spirit to live, learn, and thus evolve.


I gathered that we need some lessons that are difficult to learn without having a physical form. We are able to be physical here. It is ultimate because our souls evolve faster there than anywhere else and that we apply what we learn on the other planets when we come to Gaia. Bob said Gaia is the ultimate experience for a soul. He said we practice on the other planets to get ready to live on Gaia. I understood that each planet has a theme for learning and that any one of them can be chosen by a soul when we are between physical lives.


He said I was being told all of these things so that I could help souls come together and return Gaia to harmony. I was to help them complete their paths. Bob told me that I picked the parents I was born to so that they could help me learn what I needed to grow enough to come back and do spirit work on Gaia after I attain a certain level of growth. I learned that we pick a physical life on Gaia.


I thought maybe God did it because a lot of folks on Gaia say so. It spun like a spiral, and had a distinct center to it that was very calm. I wondered what made it and what it was for. We were close to it, but we weren't close enough that we would be sucked in. If I had to describe this thing, I would compare it to a whirlpool, a tornado, or perhaps a tunnel of some sort. The star looked like it was sucking the energies of rest of the universe into itself, which I didn't expect. We arrived at the star.


Maybe there are other universes and this is a portal to them. Maybe someday we can. He said he can't go there yet either. I wanted to go through it but Bob said I'm not ready yet and it would be dangerous. I could see, hear, and feel that there was something wonderful on the other side of it too.


He is the energy. He can go beyond the portal I was seeing to seek assistance of other entities of his level. Bob explained a few things to me about God. Some of what he said I remember and some I don't. What I don't remember had to do with the size and physical structure of the universe. I do remember he said that God is not physically seen for he is everything.


I was told God is a representative of this universe and goes into and out of this portal to get the assistance he needs from other entities like himself to help him to maintain his universe. He told me that God loves the lady Gaia and the rest of this universe deeply, as much as a man would love and help their soul group on Gaia.


He said that God holds the Master Jesus in high favor because he is perhaps the best, a widely known example on Gaia of what humans can attain on Gaia because he attained his mastery the same way that we can if we choose to work toward it! He said that Jesus is of the highest vibration compared to any other spirit. I was told that Jesus is but one of the masters entrusted by God to ensure that souls evolve. He told me Jesus was one master who made an agreement with God to come to Gaia to be an example for humans on how to act toward each other and find their way back to the path of harmony with each other as well as with Gaia. Bob talked about Jesus too.


I then got to see the master I felt to be Jesus. He joined us and at first looked similar to how the churches taught me he looked. I didn't see him like that for very long at all though because he changed into his light. Jesus's light was the purest I have ever seen. Totally white. There was no need for words. There were only love-like feelings sweeping over me that I cannot even begin to describe.


He said just that, and then he left. I was told by this master entity that loving one another is what souls need to do in order for peace and harmony to become fully felt on Gaia.


On the other side of this, the free will can also be used for negative purposes. The free will we have is the part of our souls that allows us to give positive service to the universe, if we decide to do that. These include angels and guides and ethereal beings that take care of Gaia. I was told that physical humans are one of the most important and vital parts of this thing called the harmonic balance. I was told of a structure of spirit beings that was carefully planned and is extremely important to the inner workings of all that there is. I do not remember the specifics of that. Bob told me there is an established hierarchy in the universe dedicated to preserving harmony.


In fact, I was given the honor of being given answers to questions that I'm sure many people wonder about all of their lives. There I was, a negative person who went out my way to inflict pain on other souls, yet I wasn't even asked about what I had done with my life. I felt like I was given this really awesome gift but I didn't really understand why. I felt so very blessed and extremely important. I could hear and feel the song they sang together. The planets were all in a line and I could see all of them to the sun. After Bob explained those things to me, I was able to see our whole solar system all at once in full color and sound.


It just seemed like a minor detail to me then. I didn't know why I was chosen for any of this but I wasn't about to question why. I told him I was ready. He told me that there was more for him to show me if I was ready to experience it. I thanked Bob for explaining and showing me what he did.


I let Bob decide where to go next. He said there was somewhere we needed to go. I didn't have any ideas on where to go other than going into the star and since I couldn't do that yet I felt that it might be best to let Bob decide where we were to go. It seemed he had an idea. I knew I wanted to learn as much as possible from him and I felt he knew what I needed to learn. I completely trusted him. Any doubts I had harbored about this whole experience vanished. We moved away from the star.