Chapter 8: The Council


The spirits around this table had the highest vibration I had seen so far with the exception of the master Jesus. There was a spot at the table for me. The table was made of the glowing wood and was perfect in every way. I saw a group of several spirits seated at a round table.


I remembered he was the one I dealt with concerning the Egypt thing. I was very afraid of one of them more than the others. I felt a deep sense of respect for them and even feared them because of their obvious status. It was almost like they each had some aspect of me that they were responsible for and know everything about. These beings each had their own specialty. I knew I had been to that very room before and I knew that this place was a serious business room. They just looked at me. I don't know where I recognized them from, but they all were familiar. I knew that these beings were serious in nature because of the energies that swept over me as I walked into the room. I looked at these beings and recognized them immediately and a chill surrounded me.


I agreed with their souls and the universe to help them and I did it before they even came to Gaia. We needed each other. I picked them to help them on their paths as well as to achieve my learning. I do not know where it came from but I did tell them how and why and they agreed with me. They said I knew how and why I picked them and asked me to tell them why. The beings asked me how and why I picked these particular parents and asked me to tell them. I saw my parents positive and negative sides and evaluated them according to what I knew I needed to do on Gaia. I saw how those being together all came about and watched my brother and sister join them before me. All of a sudden, I saw my parents on Earth before I was born.


I saw both the positive and the negative things I had done as they had truly happened; nothing of significance was left out or presented inaccurately. I felt the feelings they felt that directly resulted from choices I made that affected them. I proceeded to see my entire life from the observer point of view as well as from the points of view of those my actions affected. I saw myself being born from an observers viewpoint as well as reliving the actual experience. I traveled from this very place on a ray of light, all the way into my mothers womb. I saw my soul go to my mother and go inside of her.


I experienced my mothers love, her fear, and her anger as they applied to my being with her. I experienced my father's love as well as his anger. I saw myself as a helpless infant who needed his mother for everything. I experienced leaving what I felt to be heaven and the transit to Gaia. I experienced the harshness of being born again.


From all of this I learned that it matters deeply what choices I make while I am on Gaia. As I watched I thought to myself, I never realized, or I never knew. Much of what I saw was surprising to me because there were more sides to the events than I was aware of when I was living my life. I felt all of my emotions and the emotions of the souls I had hurt as well as loved. I was able to see everything significant that happened from all angles including the perspectives of the humans my choices affected. I saw all of the good and bad events from my childhood years and re-experienced the choices I made then.


The veil that my ego places on my thought processes didn't exist either. You see, where I was, time didn't really exist. I saw these things without the filters I tend to activate when I am in physical form. I experienced the whole spectrum of feelings of my life in a relatively short period of time as we humans see it. The experience was one that I will never forget. I learned just how powerful we humans are and how we can affect each other in positive and negative ways, whether we think we are doing it or not. It was amazing to see how my innocent choices had such a powerful effect on souls that I had no idea I was affecting.



I could see how I became what I had become on Gaia and why I became that way. Everything I did in my life affected the evolution of the souls around me. I saw the reasons for all of my actions and understood why I did what I had done. There was a place for all of my positive and negative actions. There was no action that was necessarily wrong, but there were actions I took that didn't enhance positive growth in others.


It seemed that when I made choices that were purely for my own benefit, the resulting feelings of others were more likely to be of sadness, fear, or any other types of emotions that are less than loving and kind. I was both a victim and a beneficiary of every action I was shown, be it positive or negative. If the result of my actions from a global perspective were on the negative side, I was able to see the reasons for that and could see how I could have acted differently. From that, I learned what was not working to provide positive effect.



If I made choices that provided benefit to others without the expectation of a return from them, the resulting feelings were positive, loving, and kind. If the results of my choices were on the positive side, I would enjoy the feeling of them and know that if I continued to make similar choices, I would create more of that feeling. From that I learned what was working.


On the whole, this was not a fun experience for me to go through. I saw that many of my choices fostered negative effects. Actually, more were negative than positive. I did see how wonderful the review could have been if I had chosen to act to affect other souls positively most of the time.  

One thing I wondered about was how the Council was able to show me my life. I guess they either monitored me, or my thought, word, and deed is written by me and stored someplace that they have access to.

One thing I wondered about was how the Council was able to show me my life. I guess they either monitored me, or my thought, word, and deed is written by me and stored someplace that they have access to.One thing I wondered about was how the Council was able to show me my life. I guess they either monitored me, or my thought, word, and deed is written by me and stored someplace that they have access to.